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Weight Loss

ok I have lost 74 pounds (and yes I am counting 22 twice) but I still have 20 more to go (ok really 15.5) Wow it is taking a long time. I did not realized when I decided to only loose 1 pound a month it would take years to loose the weight. My eyes pop out of my head as I write this, 74 pound? Wow that is a lot of weight.

Do you wonder what secret weight loss plan I am using, yea the big secret was giving birth  (delivering Nick helped drop 20 pounds, they were the most terrible to loose, but delivering Maddie I gained 5), the next big secret is I stopped breastfeeding (after a year), I don’t know why because most people find that breastfeeding melts off the pounds but I was so hungry I did not loose any weight while breast feeding. Then I started eating healthier (like perhaps only 2 desserts after dinner instead of the 4 I was eating when I was breastfeeding (you figuring out why I lost no weight?), once I was eating healthy (like replacing 3pm dessert with veggies and dip or meatballs) then I started eating less (really just not over eating), I was really overeating at my moms and grandmas houses, they are just such good cooks. So I am down to 135.5 and I either have to eat less or exercise more….and I just don’t want to do either (although I was doing ok on eating for the day until I ate 5 marshmallows, and I don’t even like them).

I am shocked that I have lost 74pounds…that means I used to be FAT.  I am so surprised looking back at pictures, yep I was fat, I mean I knew I was… but in my head I was still the skinny young adult I was before I had kids.

You might think Laura you are 5’6″ 135 is a just fine weight (BMI says it is) but I have a 36″ waist*, oh yea that is a nice look. (only doing 5 abdominal workouts since Maddie was born (almost 2 years ago) may have a bit to do with that))  I look like a stuffed sausage in my size 6 jeans. Oh pre-pregnancy body I miss you, I wish I had appreciated you when I had you…if only I had known how bad it could get. Here is to my giant version of my former self!


* waist meaning where my pants go, below my belly button. If I measure up where pants went in the ’90’s it is only 33. Anyway 37-33-40 is a long way from 34-25-35.

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    I would like to thank my kids for playing by themselves for 10 minutes while I worked on this, but the lack of editing is because I keep having to stop and say things like, “Nick please do not take my sharp fisker scissors into the family room, and Maddie, it is not safe to climb up there, you need to stay down here where it is safe.”
    the end

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