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Someone Turned Two! (August 27)

24 things about Nick, the Birthday Boy
The Birthday Boy

  1. Nick is in the 85th percentile for both height and weight
  2. wears size 4T clothes
  3. does not take a nap anymore
  4. has a winning smile (you do not see it in any of the pictures because he did not want them taken, we were lucky he looked at the camera)
  5. loves gymnastics class
  6. loves school (we take a mommy and me class once a week) and does not want to leave
  7. has absolutely gigantic feet size 9.5xW
  8. loves to put on shoes (it means we are going outside)
  9. loves to play trains, he talks to them too
  10. gives kisses and a hug if you are lucky
  11. is good at timeout, and sometimes is even excited to go to timeout
  12. loves other kids…”hi pretty girl”
  13. talks like crazy
  14. might sleep 13 hours in a row
  15. is afraid of Monsters
  16. likes it when you drive crazy
  17. is very good at grocery shopping…just let him out of the cart 😉
  18. if he wants something he tells you to “buy it!”
  19. loves to play on the computer
  20. oh shoot 24 things is a lot and I am tired…I will get Scott to finish it
  21. something
  22. something
  23. something
  24. the end

Here are some pictures of his Birthday:

Here is one of us blowing out his candles
Happy Birthday
The Family Photo
Family Photo
Grandmas and a boy
The Grandmas

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