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Mr. Messy …err Ms. Messy really

When you were a kid did you ever read the Mr. Messy book? It was one of my favorites…i wondered how could anyone be…well that messy. I was not a neat freak but my stuff was always kept neat enough; I kept my room mostly clean when I lived with my parents and I kept my dorm room clean (when you only have 15 square feet you don’t have much option) when I got a job only part of my apartment was clean, it is surprising how dirty one person with long hair can make a bathroom, I had always blamed the bathroom grossness on my sister and roommates (they had long blond hair too), but it turns out it was ME! And I collected a few piles of clothes in my bedroom…but you could get everywhere you wanted to without having to step over or around things but now that I am married and we have a big house things have changed. I am a slob! It does not help that I married another messy person and we have a very messy two year old. The stuff is everywhere, the the stuff is dirty. It was a revelation to find out that you are supposed to clean the bathroom more then once every 6 months. I vacuum the master bedroom once a year we are 10 months away from needing it done again…we will just have to pick the cheerios and crushed goldfish off the bottoms of our feet before we get in bed. I wash the sheets once a month (ok that is really gross because my husband is excessively sweaty and there is a brown spot where he sleeps), my spot is still mostly smelling good and clean…just wrinkly. I have decided to spend the rest of the year cleaning and fixing up the house and blog my progress. I plan to pick one room and clean it up until it is clean, I will share before and after pictures and wisdom and gross and funny things I find along the way. I plan to start on the main floor (since it is what everybody sees) and end on the messiest (either the basement or the master bedroom….I am really not sure which is worse). Here is the first room we worked on…the family room

Here is one clean corner of the Family Room
Clean Family Room
Here is another clean corner
Clean Family Room

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  1. MeNo Gravatar

    Oh how pretty! The room has not been that clean since… and I have not cleaned another room either!

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