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Big Foot 9XW

Update 9/14/2008
Nicks feet have grown, when we bought them the 9XW were nice and roomy, I checked where his feet were because they were getting harder to put on and I realized his toes are at the ends of the shoes…his feet already grew out of half of his shoes, the shoes I bought him for the first day of school are already too small…and we have not had the first day yet (Tuesday will be our first day and I am so excited!) We also had to buy him new socks (ok Granny bought him new socks) because his feet are just so big, he is in size 4-5 year old socks. He also recently grew an inch…two weeks ago he was shorter then his cousin Bradley…and now Nick is taller, last week he was 36 inches and 32 pounds, in the 85%ile for both height and weight. He is a big growing boy.

Original Post 7/1/2008
I found a new way to check the fit of your kids shoes. I realized that Nick’s shoes were too small when they got all wet (a rain puddle incident) and I pulled out the insoles to help them dry off faster, I looked at the foot dents he left…and I wondered why he did not complain, his toes were squished! so I bought him a half size bigger, only to realize 2 weeks later (after another rain puddle incident) that they were too small too even though they were easy to put on. So after a trip to the outlet mall and trying on every kids shoe there we realized our kid really does need wide shoes, extra wide is even better. Thanks Stride Rite for having on sale 9XW shoes! Hopefully these shoes last for the next year!

I\'m gonna walk all over you!

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  1. Kickboxing MamaNo Gravatar

    Don’t you love the Stride Rite outlet?? Love it!!

  2. Electrical MamaNo Gravatar

    I love to get $50 shoes for $20 ($15 would have been better but they did not have XW in the super clearance styles). The saddle shoes are really from the children’s place for $4.99 and they are not wides they just happen to be very wide shoes.

  3. BetsyNo Gravatar

    I love the saddle shoes on the end! Or perhaps in his case, we’ll call them Wingtips 🙂 You have a high class boy there!

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