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Starbucks snob

I am a Starbucks snob. I love Starbucks. When I had a job (ok income) I went to Starbucks every day… sometimes twice. (don’t worry most of the time I got decaf…I get really buzzed if I have caffeine) It was great to get away with a colleague and discuss the stupid new policy that the office just implemented…instead of dealing with the one person that was causing the problem they make a policy against it. Too much web surfing …um I think you could just talk to the person that is not being productive enough! Obviously it would hurt their productivity if they surf too much. I think you should help them make some productivity goals and plans to get up to par with the other employees. It is so much easier then talking to them about excessive web use. You get the idea. I also loved to work at Starbucks, to get away from the buzz and pull of the office, Laura will you check this, Laura will you sign this, Laura is this correct? (ok all things that were my job but little interruptions that cause you to get NOTHING on your to do list done) I saw moms meeting there with their kids and babies and I decided that I wanted to do that too someday…well someday is here and I HATE taking Nick to Starbucks. When he was a baby I had to put him in the stroller just to go in and get a drink because I could not carry my 27lb 9month old and a coffee and get him into the car seat. He was not content to just sit, he wanted me to drive him around. I also had no one to meet…all of my friends were at work (my 2 friends that had kids moved away) and my 2 family members in the area with kids don’t drink coffee religiously. Now I HATE to take Nick to Starbucks (and stay) because he does not want to sit in his stroller he wants to walk and get into things. I think he wonders why they would put breakable mugs on a low shelf for him if he is not supposed to touch them. So it turns out I never take him to Starbucks to sit and enjoy. We get some at the mall and then go to the play place or if it is nice we go to the playground, where he can entertain himself, for a few minutes anyway. And it turns out that that is pretty nice.

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